Forgotten SVG

Your backend scales – why wouldn't your graphics?

What if there was a graphics format that…

  • …scaled to whichever size and pixel density you wanted?
  • …was small in size?
  • …had its own DOM and was thus fully scriptable with Javascript and style-able with CSS?
  • let you debug itself with the plain old “view source” and “inspect element”?
  • worked natively in virtually every modern browser?

Are you tired of…

  • …having your name under a site whose graphics look like shit on a Retina screen?
  • …generating 2x versions of your graphics that are really just bitmapped versions of vector images?
  • …serving graphs as static images when you'd really want to give your users something more interactive?

Meet SVG

SVG comes from Scalable Vector Graphics. Back in the day, people came up with names that actually described what they stood for.

Just like its name implies, SVG scales infinitely because it's vector-based. But the goodies don't end there. It's XML-based so it has its own DOM that's fully understood and exposed by modern browsers. You can thus style SVG graphics with CSS and modify and animate them using Javascript.

SVG powers behind the scenes many awesome graphics libraries such as Raphaël.js and D3.js. It's supported by all major modern browsers and more than a billion devices worldwide. And yet it itself is mostly forgotten.

Most books about SVG are a decade old. Most online tutorials showing up in Google results either don't work, are not that educational, look like crap, or all of the above.

SVG deserves better. And so do you.

Forgotten SVG is an up-and-coming eBook/online course by Jarkko Laine. It'll…

  • …take you beyond just trusting Javascript libraries to generate SVG for you.
  • …help you learn to build your own swatch of icons that literally go to eleven.
  • …teach you how to manipulate and animate your graphics using native SVG means and Javascript.
  • …provide you with an interactive learning playground inspired by the ideas of Bret Victor.

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Forgotten SVG is a book and interactive course by jarkko. He goes by @jarkko on the Twitternets.
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